Let Me Go

Your eyes haunt me as they stare into mine. I watch as they change color and tears begin to form. A hand like a vice encircles my heart. Squeezing. Don’t leave me.


Say Cheese!

My August short story seems to have hit home with the readers and earned 2nd place in the voting! Thank you to all for your support and votes to make this possible. I hope you will come back to see what we have in store for the September! The theme and more details can be... Continue Reading →

A Magical Day

Thank you to the Sims community of writers and readers that supported our collaborative efforts in the July Simlit Short Story Challenge organised and managed by LisabeeSims. Thank you for voting my story to 1st place in the Novice category. I am eternally humbled and grateful that you took the time to read it. I... Continue Reading →


The sun peaks over the mountain top Spilling its golden light over the valley. The air is still as the wind gently teases the long grass.

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