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Everything inside me

Everything inside me is in turmoil.

How did I get to this point?

There are no more words to be said.

In our corners, we live our truth

Never seeing things from each other’s eyes.

Everything inside me is screaming.

Emotion and logic fight one another.

Each intent on winning.

More words need to be said.

This cannot be the end.

Everything inside me cries.

We mourn the loss of all we were,

Of what we could have been.

Travelling through life together

Our paths diverged, losing direction.

Everything inside me hopes.

Is this emotion or logic?

Who will win the argument?


4 thoughts on “Everything inside me

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mena. It is simple and deep. Words that could be fitting in different situations and touch readers in different ways depending on their own experiences, but certainly some universality in the pain of loss, change and parting of ways in the many possible variations.

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  2. The moment each human being chooses to honestly see from another’s eyes will be the moment hope wins and healing begins. Expressing pain through words is cathartic and allows any reader permission to stop and reflect. Thanks for sharing Mena. I hope you’re okay 💜

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