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Cavalier Cove Tiny Living

Who cares if your house is so tiny, people always miss it as they drive past, when you have access from your garden directly onto the beach! Cavalier Cove Tiny House is perfect for a couple, or single Sim, starting out or just retired, with a love for the ocean and the sound of waves... Continue Reading →

Big Little Dreams

Thinking of downsizing and living a simpler life? Big Little Dreams is the home for you with it's modern interior and all-in-one floorplan to the quaint little garden with splash pool and outdoor seating. A little house with big dreams. When indoors feels too cramped, enjoying this quaint garden will be a blessing. Gallery Link:... Continue Reading →

Spirits of the Island

The Spirits of the Island temple is the home of the #Sulani #IslandSpirits. If you need to consult with them on any matter, you are always welcome. A haven of peace & quiet, there are spots to pay homage to the Spirit Gods & offer a token of thanks, generally food/fruits, & places to spend... Continue Reading →

Mystic Manor

Mystic Manor, Forgotten Hollow's pride. A stately home with formal & family living areas, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, sunroom, office & kitchen. But, below ground there are secrets that no-one knows of. Generations of Vampires have resided here from time to time, before moving on. Below ground, their sleeping quarters, crypt & a magical underground... Continue Reading →

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