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Reflections of the past

Two hearts connected.

Two lives entwined.

Once the sun shone down on us

We felt the warmth of love’s rays.

Now we live in a barren land

One looking always to the past

Never quite living in the present,

One yearning for a future that seems impossible.

How do the two converge and intersect once more?

It’s true that the past brings many lessons

Lessons that once learned can help realize the future longed for.

The challenge is to realize that it was a lesson,

Not a prison that stops one from living, growing, moving forward.

Love is the fine thread that still connects the hearts

In their own ways, both wanting the same thing

Neither knowing quite how to achieve it.

Without nurturing, realization, and change,

The thread is in danger of being severed.

Will we see it before that happens?

Will we stop it or fall into regular patterns of defeat and cry

‘I knew it was too good to be true’,

Failing to take responsibility for actions we didn’t take

To protect our hearts, our love, and our future.

We gave up. We gave up a long time ago.

Yet we go through the motions.

Waiting for the inevitable flatline.


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