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Time’s Ripple

A family once lived here, in days gone by, Where children filled the garden, playing hide & seek. Now Dad fills his days repairing each clock, feeling the irony of each rhythmic, tick-tock. Mom is baking up a storm with wares from her garden, preparing the sale table for the afternoon rush. The days are... Continue Reading →

Small & Cozy

A compact apartment for a bachelor, your parents or the in-laws. Also suitable for a uni student just starting out. Full bathroom, open plan bedroom, lounge and kitchenette. Uploaded as a CC-free room. This is part of a larger build called Suburban Family Home, also available on the gallery (link: )

Blue Lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach. Relax in the shade or on the floating deck. Feel your skin tingle as the sun's rays caress your skin. Dig for treasure or clean up trash. Play ball or have a water balloon fight. Enjoy an ice cream to cool down at the ice cream bar, and watch the sunset with... Continue Reading →

Valley of Angels Part 2

Moving to the valley had happened quickly. Once they saw the farmhouse and the land, they both knew the price was a bargain. They were beginning to settle in and it was time for Lily to put the second part of her plan into action.

Valley of Angels

Life was peaceful in the valley, between two mountains. So peaceful in fact, that not even the wind blew there. This of course led to really hot days and cool nights. Almost like a hot house, so it was perfect for Lily who was a green-thumbed gardener extraordinaire.

Say Cheese!

My August short story seems to have hit home with the readers and earned 2nd place in the voting! Thank you to all for your support and votes to make this possible. I hope you will come back to see what we have in store for the September! The theme and more details can be... Continue Reading →

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