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Xmas Bachelor 2018

2018 was the birth of what has now become the annual XmasBachelor gallery challenge, where we find a bride for an eligible bachelor over the Christmas season and enjoy a picture-rich storytelling style of gameplay. This is the recap of that year’s family.

This years challenge title was #NikosWife.

The next generation Santa is being trained in the art of toy-making and service delivery. It will be a sad day when Santa finally retires, but his son Nikolas is ready to take on the challenge and bring a new perspective to the family business. Mom Marie is ready with the cookies and milk and words of encouragement. There is much to learn and do, including finding Niko a suitable wife for a Winterfest wedding. Ho ho ho!

The Santa Klaus Family can be found on the gallery, link, which consists of Nikolas Klaus and his parents, Santa and Marie Klaus.

The Klaus family home is called Home for the Holidays, created by me. Not uploaded but will upload if requested.

Nikolas Klaus is the bachelor, looking for a bride.

The bachelorette entries this year were as follows and can be found on the gallery under the hashtag #NikosWife:

Elle Dossa, created by @LauraAnnebyt. Gallery link

Star Crawford, created by @ElderJymm. Gallery Link

Amelie Hillwright, created by @bettysims39. Gallery Link

Carole Bells, created by @Glovely1. Gallery Link

Honorable mention: Christy Elvins, a late entry received after the challenge was over, created by @lisabee2. Gallery Link

Noël Manor * Niko Klaus, created by me, is the new family home of Nikolas and his bride. Gallery link

The winner of the 2018 Xmas Bachelor #NikosWife challenge was Carol Bells, created by @GLovely1! Link to Lisa’s gallery here:

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