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Xmas Bachelor 2019

Christopher Hudson believes in Christmas miracles. Especially when they involve love & family. This Christmas he's hoping that both those dreams will be realized because he's the #XmasBachelorMB & he's looking for a wife! Christopher Hudson Husdon Family is Christopher's parents, Phillip and Charlotte, and sister Andrea Hudson. Both households created by me and not... Continue Reading →

Xmas Bachelor 2018

2018 was the birth of what has now become the annual XmasBachelor gallery challenge, where we find a bride for an eligible bachelor over the Christmas season and enjoy a picture-rich storytelling style of gameplay. This is the recap of that year's family. This years challenge title was #NikosWife. The next generation Santa is being... Continue Reading →

Amaro Morales

Amaro Morales is a freelance Botanist and loves being outdoors, combing the beaches for litter and treasure in equal measure. With the island breeze in his ears, the warm ocean water lapping at his feet, clothing and shoes are always optional. This is my entry to the #BarefootChallenge by #KSsDesign. Create date 19/02/2020. Gallery Link:... Continue Reading →

Sterling Gardner

Sterling Gardner is living a simple life. No-one knows he's actually quite wealthy because he is so unassuming and has simple needs. He made his money in Real Estate and then sold up and bought a farm. It fit more in line with his love for nature and botany. He's on a mission to make... Continue Reading →

Cruz Aventura

The sky above me, the stars in my eyes, I yearn to explore the secrets of the universe. I hone my skills to perfect my craft and reap the rewards of the life I've chosen. No one can stand in my way. No material item is beyond my reach or my intellect. Create date 09/08/2019.... Continue Reading →

The Lakota Family

Kangee is a well-respected Archaeologist, loves travelling to far off worlds & exploring the jungles for undiscovered civilizations & artefacts. Christa studied design & fashion. Kohana is active & loves music (he plays the guitar and piano). Winona wants to open her own Vet Clinic as soon as she’s qualified as a Veterinarian & spends... Continue Reading →

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