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Under Control … A day in my life.

After a very long sabbatical from writing and 2 years to the month since my very first story, if memory serves me well, I’m happy to be able to contribute to the current SimLit challenge topic.
The Simlit Short Story theme for June/July is to write a piece in First Person and in the form of a Diary entry. Challenge details can be found here:
I hope you will enjoy the entries and participate in the voting when the time comes.

Under Control … A day in my life.
Wednesday, 1:32am – 2 days before HarvestFest

I’m so exhausted! It’s been quite a day. Let me tell you about it before I turn in!

I was rudely awakened this morning by my Mistress and had to hurriedly jump out of bed, go use the toilet, have a shower, and eat breakfast, before heading out to work. All in an hour!

As usual, I had a very late night because I was out at a bar all night trying to, apparently, meet the love of my life. So, I’ve had little to no sleep and despite the evening’s location, my fun was still super low.
I guess it didn’t go well because I woke up alone this morning.

Before I could even get my breakfast, the teleportation device was activated, and I was off to work. Great. Today was my first day in the medical career and there I was, with an empty stomach, full bladder, and a bad mood! I just hoped I wouldn’t catch any bugs while I was there!

My day consisted of showing patients to their beds in the ward (why do they have to walk so slowly!?), making beds and bringing people food while they waited to be seen by the Doctors.

First days are always boring, and I really hated it when other staff would stand in my way, and I couldn’t complete my duties! I’ll have to have a word with them about that!

I tried to introduce myself to the hospital receptionist, but they were too busy to talk to me and eventually I felt compelled to move on. Numerous attempts to get my Mistress’ attention, pointing to my empty stomach and hopping on one leg, desperate for the bathroom, were unsuccessful. Apparently making beds and showing people to the ward were more important. I really feared that I would pee myself in front of the patients! What an embarrassment that would have been!

Between making beds and eventually visiting the bathroom, I finally made it to the staff kitchen and purchased a sandwich. It wasn’t great. I really wanted a microwave meal, but I guess the wait time on that was too long for some people… Yes, I’m looking at you, Mistress!

When my shift ended, I felt the first slap of disappointment at the pittance I’d earned, for all the work I did. Oh well, maybe things will be better tomorrow.

The teleporter deposited me right in front of my house and boy, was I busting for the bathroom when I arrived! But, for some reason, I first tended the garden and sold my crops to the market. I barely made it to the bathroom again!

Between bites of poorly made Mac and Cheese, I am finally allowed some entertainment, and I watched the cooking channel, hoping to increase my skill in that department and make better meals. Anything is better than the hospital meals. Even my own cooking!

By 9pm I was so ready for bed, hoping for a good night’s sleep!

Instead, I find myself changing into my party outfit, the same as last night, and heading out to the bar. I admit I felt a flutter of excitement thinking that maybe the guy I met last night will be there again! I hoped so, he was quite cute and I didn’t have the energy to start over with someone else.

The bar was packed again tonight. Everyone placing their drinks orders and seemingly on the same mission as I was, and not wanting to be alone during HarvestFest in a couple of days’ time.

I spot Mr Mysterious and grab the stool at the bar next to him. Surprisingly, he remembered me. After introducing ourselves (his name is Sean) we found a table to sit at, away from the crowds, and continued chatting. He eventually got around to asking me for my number.

I found out that he is a Detective. The conversation felt like we were going through a predetermined number of friendly, funny, and romantic interactions. It felt a little forced as I struck up conversation every time it seemed as if Sean was about to leave.

For some reason, we decide to take a selfie together (or five), and miraculously we became good friends before the night was over! Well, we do look good together, don’t you think?

Despite being tired enough to collapse, we stargazed and feeling very flirty, I make the first move and kiss him!

He looked surprised, almost as much as I was, but quickly recovered before we got teleported home without warning!

I collapsed outside my door from sheer exhaustion and even though I was looking forward to finally sinking into my bed and falling asleep (I’m sure before my head even hit the pillow!), I just HAD to tell you the news…. I had my FIRST KISS! EEEK!

Raquel xoxo ❤️

2 thoughts on “Under Control … A day in my life.

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  1. Oh wow, how cute was this?! Such a clever idea, your Sim talking through everything you (her Mistress) made her do and how she was feeling. I loved this. It was both heartwarming and quite humorous at the same time. I found myself giggling in a number of different places. Your poor Sim! 🤣🤣🤣 Ah, the torture we put them through.

    Your Sim is super pretty, and Sean is quite the looker. Did they ever end up together? They’d make a really cute couple. ❤️❤️ Such a fun read.


    1. Lol, I had a bit of fun writing that! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and got the funny side of things, as intended.
      Whether they stay together or not is as yet undetermined but we’ll see what the Mistress can do …..😉


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