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2021 Update

In the blink of an eye, the year has almost reached its end, leaving one wondering where the time went.

I must apologise for the lack of content posting throughout this year, and am here to offer not an excuse, but rather an explanation of how the year has progressed and what led to the long silence.

While I have been creating on and off, I was not in the right space to post and was using this means of creativity as a coping mechanism and escape. I wasn’t ready to share what I was going through.

2021 started off with me being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer in early February. As is very like me, once I know something is wrong and what needs to be done, I wanted to waste no time in getting the treatment needed, no matter how difficult, and so from March to July 2021, I endured 5 difficult operations to remove the tumour, treatment, as well as plastic reconstructive surgery. From the time of diagnosis to the first operation, the tumour had grown even further, at an alarmingly rapid rate. Waiting would not have ended well.

I had an amazing Doctor and thankfully can finally say that I am doing well. It is cancer that can re-occur, but everyone is confident that we have conquered it and the prognosis is good for it to not return. I am eternally grateful to everyone involved and the amazing support I received from my family and husband, who stood by me and supported me every single day.

Three weeks into my recovery after my last operation, on the 21st of August 2021, my husband had a freak accident at home and fell from a height of about 5 meters from our second storey balcony to the garden below, landing on his head. He suffered severe head and neck injury, narrowly escaping severing his spine. He underwent a procedure called ACDF to replace a disc in his neck and plastic surgery for his head wounds. He also suffered a severe concussion and short-term memory loss from this accident.

Thankfully he had one of the leading Neurosurgeons in the country treat him and he has made amazing progress in the last almost 3 months, now. Partly because he is also a very determined and stubborn man and refused to allow this to get the better of him. I’m in awe of his determination and progress.

He battles daily with unbearable pain and gets frustrated with his memory loss, but that too is improving and there are more better days, than bad or terrible days.

Then, to top it all off, in September he contracted Covid, recovered, and at the end of October, left the company he was with for the last 7 years to start his own company and follow his passion. Life is short, as we both were made painfully aware of this year, and sometimes you must take a leap of faith. In God and in yourself. I am beyond proud of him.

One of the best parts of this year has been our much wanted and awaited puppy, Jett, joining our family in June. He has brought us so much joy (and sleepless nights while potty-training him!).

So, with all that, working permanently, and with the festive season almost upon us, my vacation days are in sight, I am again in my happy place to start posting.  

Thank you for still being here and liking and commenting on my posts. I truly appreciate the support and interest and I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. A special ‘Thank you’ goes to my friends in the #TheSims4 community, who kept me motivated with their beautiful builds and CAS creations, as well as with their messages of support and love. I feel so blessed.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


8 thoughts on “2021 Update

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  1. I’m in total awe of how well you and your husband have and still are coping with all of the hardships and challenges thrown at you this year. I sincerely hope that if I’m ever forced to endure even a modicum of the hardships you’ve had that I will handle it with as much grace and positivity that you are. You’re an inspiration to us all. God bless your family. ❤️

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  2. You and your husband have overcome so much. And, I’m so blessed you’re in my life. It was good to read this update, and I will pray for you and your family for continued strength. You show a lot of grace about what you’ve been through which is inspirational to see. God bless you and yours.

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  3. How well you’ve handled the past year is a true inspiration! I’m glad that things are on the mend & it’s fantastic you have a new puppy to share your lives with. Thank you for sharing & I hope you both have a wonderful holiday season! ❤

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  4. This has truly been a very tough year for you and your family, but I admire you all for getting through all the obstacles and making it in the end. I hope 2022 will be a better year for all of us and wishing you and your family a happy festive season. 🤗❤️

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