2021, A New Year

2021, A New Year Saying happy new year seems crazy, given where we've come from (thanks, 2020), so I'll wish you all a year where you and your families and loved ones are safe, healthy and happy.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Wishing you & your families the very best of the Festive Season and the new year. I truly hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us. Thank you for your friendships and support this year. You have enriched my life immeasurably & made a difficult year much easier. Much love to all.

Big Little Dreams

Thinking of downsizing and living a simpler life? Big Little Dreams is the home for you with it's modern interior and all-in-one floorplan to the quaint little garden with splash pool and outdoor seating. A little house with big dreams. When indoors feels too cramped, enjoying this quaint garden will be a blessing. Gallery Link:... Continue Reading →

Spirits of the Island

The Spirits of the Island temple is the home of the #Sulani #IslandSpirits. If you need to consult with them on any matter, you are always welcome. A haven of peace & quiet, there are spots to pay homage to the Spirit Gods & offer a token of thanks, generally food/fruits, & places to spend... Continue Reading →

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