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A Summer Wedding

This is my entry for the June Simlit Short Stories led by @Lisabeesims. Please read all the entries in both categories, Veteran and Novice, to participate in the voting at the end of the month. We really appreciate all your support and encouraging comments. The theme this month is “A June Wedding”. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy.

A Summer Wedding

The summer sun beats down
Glowing rays shimmering through the air
Each bouncing off the gown
As the Groom at his Bride does stare.

Engulfed in golden aura she walks
On a sea of pale rose petals
They rise behind her as she passes
to scatter about before they settle.

Her rhythmic step is sure
and oh, so very measured
She knows the prize she walks towards
Is one that must be treasured.

While he upon her gazes
And counts himself a lucky man
He sees before him their life’s journey,
A great and divine plan.

The row of seats to either side
While full of family and friends
Has faded from his sight
As his vision of her transcends

But a moment has passed all this while
Though much has been conveyed
She reaches by his side now
As both their emotions cascade.

Their hands are clasped together tightly
Their eyes locked in intimate embrace
The sound of the celebrant barely audible
As their fingers interlace.

The weight of gold upon their fingers
Hearts rise to meet each other
An unending circle of their love
Their promise to forsake all others.

They turn to face the sea
Of happy and smiling faces
As husband and wife, together
They now take their first paces.

Special thanks to @MurkMaestro for her gorgeous beach wedding venue! Available on the gallery.

Sims used are my own.

Lakota Family:

Paisley and McKenna Milner (includes CC) can be found on the gallery.

World by EA – Sulani, Island Living

27 thoughts on “A Summer Wedding

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  1. Ooo…another Sulani wedding. I really need to have one of these–the screenshots are so beautiful. I really liked your poem. The rhythm was spot-on, and the rhymes all felt so natural, like they just happened to come out that way. Lovely work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Katrina. I appreciate you saying that. It was a subject that inspired poetry 🙂 As soon as I heard the pack announcement, I knew it was the perfect location.


  3. Wow, everything is absolutely beautiful – the way you wrote it, the screenshots, the Sims, the lot, the outfits…I love it! I love poetic stories and you are a really talented writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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