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The Visitor

The October Simlit Short Story Challenge theme is “Spooky”. This is my submission and is based on a dream, or some might say, a nightmare, that I had some weeks ago. I thought it fitting for the theme of the month.

If you’d like to join in the monthly challenges, feel free to visit the link and also spend a little time enjoying the wonderful stories Lisa has on her blog.

As always, thank you for your continued support! I hope you stay and enjoy my story.

The Visitor

The house is quiet except for the sound of the wind outside and the gentle occasional snoring next to me. My ears strain to hear the sounds as my brain tries to locate then identify them and their origin.

A tree branch is tapping intermittently against the bedroom window. The patio chairs scrape on the tiled surface as they get blown from one end to the other. I fall into an uneasy asleep. At least I know where these sounds are coming from.

I toss and turn restlessly. A storm is raging outside. I need to warn you, but no words will leave my mouth! Run! We need to leave. Now! There’s danger but no-one is listening to me! Hide! Why can’t I move? My arms and legs feel like lead.

I feel the mattress dip next to me. Some-one sits.

I feel pressure on my thigh through the covers and a cold blanket of air envelops me. I try to look up, but something is holding my head in place on the pillow. Let me go! Wait. Did I say that out loud or in my head? My brain is a fog.

I manage to tilt my head slightly… no face, no eyes… My heart is pounding in my chest. I lay very still… barely breathing… The room is pitch black.

Time has no meaning now… The mattress pops up unexpectedly. The cold air around me lifts and warms.

I lay there, listening to my own breathing, concentrating on keeping it even. It sounds loud in my ears, but I know no sounds escape my lips. I turn on my side. My eyes open and set upon the window. The sun is just rising. Shining weakly through the curtains.

I get up slowly and quietly make my way out of the room. I peer through the glass patio door. The chairs are neatly tucked under the table. Everything is covered in a white snowy blanket.

My brow burrows.. this doesn’t look like how I expected it to. Did I imagine the storm? The sounds of the chairs scraping on the tiles? Was it all a dream? It felt so real…

I turn away and bump into a side table with my thigh, grimacing in recognition of a quick sharp stab of pain. How did I get this bruise?

Special Thanks and Credits

Special thanks goes to my good friend and fellow Simmer, @KrystalGamer1 for her wonderful edits of the Angel of Death scenes and instruction on using the camera states in-game. You’re a life-saver!

Give her YouTube Channel a follow for her amazing content.

Build is my own, called The Visitor and can be found on the gallery (with CC clutter):

Sims are my own, created for this submission and can be found on the gallery if you enable custom content search.

EA gallery ID: MenaBuchner

15 thoughts on “The Visitor

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  1. I have had sleep paralysis several times and it is exactly like this. I know they say it’s only in your brain, but it feels so real… what if it was? Your story is extra creepy because of that question: what if it is real? and what does he want?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, but I don’t always remember them, though I feel different when I wake up (anxious, sad). It really does feel so real. Maybe one day I’ll know what it means. Or maybe never.. thank you for you comment and for reading, Sharae, glad you liked it. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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