The sun peaks over the mountain top

Spilling its golden light over the valley.

The air seems still but the wind gently teases the long grass.

Birds flit from branch to branch, chasing each other;

The breeze lifting them in a dance with nature.

The stream rolls over pebbles,

smoothed by years of intimate embrace.

Racing briskly the stream joins the river;

Rolling pebbles in its path.

Their chatter increasing as they bump into one another

Like friends meeting after a long absence.

Sunlight glistens off the water, turning droplets into iridescent diamonds.

The roar is deafening in its intensity

As the river rushes towards its journeys end.

The ocean before me, fierce, in unending expanse.

Waves crashing against the rocks,

Their lover’s embrace long over.

Tumbling, tumbling…

Rays of sun pierce through the water

My lungs burning, needing air.

Kick, kick hard!

My head breaks through the waves

Lungs greedily taking in life-giving breath.

My heart beats to the ocean’s rhythm;

Stay calm, breathe.

I roll on my back, floating freely, weightless.

The blue sky fills my vision

The sun casting a warm golden glow over me.

For a moment, I am at peace.

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