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Valley of Angels Part 4 ~ Love

The Simlit Short Story theme for June is Love, in however we chose to show it. Nothing is more precious than a parent’s love for their child and accepting someone for who they are. Your past does not determine your future. If you haven’t already, feel free to read Valley of Angels, parts 1 to 3 for this to make sense.

Challenge details can be found here:

** Warning. The contents of this story deals with loss due to illness and may be a trigger. **

Lily sat on the bed watching her mother, Rosemary, as she slept, her mind wandering to happier times.

Family vacations with her mom, snorkelling, were a favorite, which then naturally that led her to thinking about Veronica, or Roni as she preferred to be called, and Trent, who had come to live with them when Roni was pregnant, escaping a difficult situation with nowhere to go.

Thinking about how they became a family brought sweet memories of Trent as a toddler. Having Roni and Trent in their lives, and the weekly Sunday lunches and occasional trips to the beach in Sulani, had made the last 6 years unexpectedly happy. Trent was 6` now and such a good boy. Two years ago, Roni had found her and Trent a sweet little apartment in Evergreen Harbor’s Grims Quarry neighbourhood and Trent was in school and thriving.

Sunday lunch at the farm in Windenburg, The Orchard Estate.
Sunday lunch at Roni and Trent’s apartment in Evergreen Harbor, Stonestreet Apt 3 Remake.

Today, Rosemary was not having such a great day. The Chemo treatment was really taking a lot out of her and even though she was being brave for Lilly, Lily could see her mom was struggling.

The cancer had slowly crept up on them. Lily thought they were in the clear after so many years, but it was back, and it was aggressive.

Tears dropped onto her cheeks. Her eyes moving from her mother’s short thinning hair, dark-ringed eyes to her lightly bruised arms. How could this be happening? She felt completely overwhelmed as she sat there. Unable to move. Processing what the last few months had been like, and that there were still three more courses to go through.

As much as Roni was supportive, Lily couldn’t let on how much she was hurting. She had Trent to look after. She couldn’t burden her, so she just ‘handled’ things. She’d hired an assistant to help and look after the nursery (she had her own business now, the “Bloomin’ Country Florist”) so she could be home with Rosemary.

Sometimes she’d take Rosemary there to sit in the sun, enjoy being in nature. She didn’t have strength anymore to tend to the seedlings at the nursery. Everything just made her sad, but she had insisted on going in the beginning. Now she just couldn’t anymore.

Lily swiped at her tears. Her heart heavy. She needed to get moving. Planning. She didn’t have time for this. Soon mom would awaken, and she needed to make lunch. She rose and walked to the kitchen. Each step a mark of her resolve to stay strong and focused.

~ 2 months later ~

“Roni! Please, meet me at the hospital! Mom isn’t doing well!” Lilly sobbed almost incoherently on the phone.

It was a Sunday afternoon. They will never forget it. The sun was shining but everything in them was dark. They were silent as they stood beside the hospital bed. Each knowing what the other was thinking but not wanting to verbalise it.

As the doctor walked towards her and stopped in front of her, Lily grabbed Roni’s hand. Her breath caught in her throat. She saw the doctor’s mouth move, but the noise in her ears blocked everything out after she heard the words “I’m so sorry, …”. Her screams sounded surreal. Like she was watching herself. Roni tightened her hug as Lily sobbed.

Roni led her to a sofa and sat next to Lily, putting her arms around her. Rosemary was gone.

~ 2 days later ~

‘Lily.’ She said softly. “We need to go. Everyone is already there.”

Lily felt the loss like a physical pain, her eyes brimming with tears.

“Aunty Lily, I can hold your hand if you want?” Said Trent. Lily smiled weakly at Trent and bent down to hug him. Taking his hand, she stood up. It was time to be brave. She turned to Trent and whispered, “Be brave, sweetheart.” Just like her mother had done to her, many times.

The small church was filled with only a few people having come to pay their last respects to Rosemary. Each had a story of how her mother had touched their lives. Stories she had never heard.

As she stood up to speak, she felt her heart beat so hard and fast that she thought she might faint. The sea of faces blurred as tears flooded her eyes as she rested on Roni and Trent’s faces in the front pew.

Her voice thick as she started to speak, “Thank you all for coming. My mother was my entire life. Everything she did, was for me to have the kind of life I have now. She never let anything keep her down. She was so brave. She taught me that.”

“Mom, I don’t know how I will carry on without you. From the earliest moment I can remember, it was always you and me and now I am so lost without you. I will always hear your voice telling me to chase my dreams. Everything I am, I owe to you. But somehow you knew this day was coming and you opened your heart and our home to Roni and Trent so that I would never be alone. You gave us each other, and family, and we are so grateful to you. You can rest easy now, mom. We love you forever.”

As she paid her last respects and was joined by the small group at Rosemary’s grave, Lily couldn’t stop the flow of tears. Tomorrow would be the first day without her mother.


Rosemary and Lily’s farm The Orchard Estate by me (gallery ID @MenaBuchner):

Bloomin’ Country Florist by me:

Veronica and Trent’s apartment, Stonestreet Apt 3 Remake by me, gallery ID @MenaBuchner

Peaceful Rest Cemetery by me:

Veronica and Trent created by @Divanthesimmer and you can find their story and him, here:

6 thoughts on “Valley of Angels Part 4 ~ Love

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is so tragic – my heart! It was so nice to see Roni, Trent and all the others again and this is such a beautiful ending to their story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wiping away tears! This was so sad and good! Rosemary’s death really hits you in the gut. You did a great job at showing death and grief, Mena. I hope everyone who reads it starts at the beginning of the story. It won’t have the same impact without the whole journey. Wonderful stories!

    Liked by 1 person

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