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Valley of Angels Part 2

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Moving to the valley had happened quickly. Once they saw the farmhouse and the land, they both knew the price was a bargain. They were beginning to settle in and it was time for Lily to put the second part of her plan into action.

While studying at Britechester, Lily had met and befriended a young girl named Veronica Grey. Even though they were not doing the same Degree, or in the same classes, they always seemed to end up at the student commons, studying, on the same nights.

Veronica had confided in Lily about her parents’ wealth and emotional neglect. Being shipped off to all sorts of activities during her adolescence, and finally having been sent off to Uni, Veronica suffered from depression and blamed her parents.

After a while, Lily noticed that Veronica was no longer at study sessions and becoming worried, she called her up to check on her.

“Hi Roni, it’s Lily! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while?” said Lily, as Veronica answered her call.

“Oh. Hi Lily. I’ve dropped out. I wanted to let you know, but once I’d decided, I had to leave the Dorms immediately. Sorry.” Veronica said, sounding down.

“I’m so sorry, Veronica. I’m sure you had good reason. So, what are you doing now? I thought we could meet for coffee, or a bite to eat, and catch up?”

“Well… it’s complicated right now… I’ve left home and I’m staying at the YWCA in San Myshuno while I look for work. I refuse to go back home. No-one cares about me there. It’s best this way.”

“That’s down the road from our apartment! Let’s meet on the square, my treat!” exclaimed Lily excitedly.

And so, the plan was hatched that, once Lily and Rosemary had bought the farm, Veronica would come stay with them and be Rosemary’s caregiver while Lily returned to Uni to complete her Degree.

“Lily, there’s someone standing in front of our driveway. Are you expecting anyone?” called Rosemary.

“Yes, Mum. It’s my friend, Veronica, from Uni. Come meet her!” exclaimed Lily. They walked out together and greeted Veronica warmly.

They invited Veronica in and sat down to chat. Lily then explained to her Mother that Veronica was currently homeless and that she would be staying with them for a while, while helping care for Rosemary. This was her big plan.

At first, Rosemary wasn’t sure, but she decided to give this arrangement a chance, once she heard a little more of Veronica’s story and her turbulent relationship with her parents. She and Lily had always been close, and it saddened her that it wasn’t the same for everyone.

They came to an arrangement about payment and duties before enjoying a warm slice of Rosemary’s famous Honey Cake together.

Before long Lily returned to Uni and Rosemary and Veronica enjoyed their days together. Rosemary loved playing chess and tending to Lily’s garden. Veronica wasn’t fond of chess, so she cheated a little while Rosemary looked away, to hurry the game along. But she did love flower arranging though, and spent some time at the table, deep in thought.

One morning, as they sat down to breakfast, Rosemay noticed that Veronica seemed sad and a little anxious.

“Roni, dear, is something the matter?” Enquired Rosemary.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t know how to bring this up. I wasn’t entirely honest with Lily, or you about the reason I can’t return home. I’m in a little bit of trouble. I’m pregnant. If I go back, my parents will make me give up my baby. I just can’t do it! It’s bad enough my boyfriend wants nothing more to do with me, I can’t lose my baby too!” Veronica had started crying uncontrollably.  

Rosemary didn’t know what to say at first, but then assured Veronica that they would look after each other until she decided what she wanted to do.

As time passed the two got closer, and the baby bump got bigger.

And bigger.

Lily would call home regularly, and once she heard of the baby, she was excited, but it also raised some concerns, of things she’d noticed but had tried to ignore, and also for her mother’s well-being. If Roni wasn’t able to care for her, needing care herself, what were they to do?

All of a sudden, the great plan, didn’t seem so great. There was also something nagging at her that she couldn’t shake. On the last night before returning to Uni, she and Roni had gone to the local pub for a drink and to play Wake the Llama, and she saw Roni attempt to swipe a painting when she thought no-one was watching. And how unfriendly she was to their neighbour, Clara Bjergsen and everyone around her. Should she have told her mother? Or confronted Veronica?

When Lily had last seen Rosemary, she was always very tired and had lost a lot of weight due to her illness, so some days were more difficult than others. Instead of being reassured that her Mother was being looked after, Lily now had to worry about Roni and her baby as well.

What will happen when the baby arrives? There’s no way her mother can get the rest she needs and keep her doctor’s appointments for her treatment, all while having a little Nooboo in the house…

February’s entry to the Simlit Short Story Challenge required us to introduce an antagonist from one of the January entries. I chose Veronica Grey as I felt her story led itself to her being able to move in with Lily and Rosemary, and also because she is the opposite of Lily in every way. Lily tackles life and responsibility head on, while Veronica runs from it.

I hope you enjoy this addition to the story.

Credits: Veronica Grey was created by @DivanTheSimmer and you can read her story here

Please take a few minutes to read and follow the stories as they evolve. The Simlit Short Story Challenge is organised and run by @Lisabeesims and you can follow her here:

12 thoughts on “Valley of Angels Part 2

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  1. I really love this! It will be interesting to see where this goes, with all of Veronica’s shenanigans, on top of Rosemary being critically ill. I hope they can come to some sort of arrangement that benefits everyone – don’t want Romemary to get more ill, or worse, die because of Veronica. 🙁

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Veronica was an excellent choice. Your story flows really well with Veronica’s original story. I’m anxious for Rosemary now. Lily could be wrong about Veronica not caring for her mother, but there are plenty of real life stories where caregivers start off great before revealing their true colors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohohoh, this is an interesting construction for an antagonist. I love situations like this where there are no truly bad people, just people trying to make the best of their garbage lives.

    Liked by 1 person

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