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Valley of Angels – CC & Builds

If you’ve read my January SimLit Short Story then you’ll be familiar with my main characters, Lily and Rosemary Atkinson.

Below are the links to the CC used and the builds shown in the photographs, and available on my gallery. Lily and Rosemary can also be downloaded from my gallery, EAID: MenaBuchner.

Please ensure you have “Include Custom Content” selected and the MOO cheat activated when placing the builds.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy them!

Lily & Rosemary Atkinson

CAS CC List:


Dimples, Mouth Corners and Eye bags:


Rosemary’s hair:


3D Lashes Version2 for Skin Detail (Experimental)

Lip gloss / Lipstick:

Lily’s Hair/s:

Lily’s Dress:

Builds (CC indicated are in-game paintings)

The Orchard Estate

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