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Say “Cheese”!

I didn’t think I’d make it with a submission for this month’s SimLit Short Story so I hope you enjoy this and the other stories submitted. The theme for August was the word “Whinge”. Please read all the submissions and vote for your favorite in each category, Novice and Veteran, at the end of the month. We really appreciate the support!

“Kids, breakfast is ready!” I knock on each bedroom door as I walk past.

Just once, I’d like to be called to breakfast, I mumble under my breath. There are sure more of them, than there are of me!

The table is set and as soon as the smell of eggs and bacon hits the passage, those doors open as if by magic.

The silence is deafening, and I turn around to see what happened to the hungry troop. Sure enough, they’re at the table. Texting and Tweeting.

Where have the days of family conversation at the breakfast or dinner table gone?

I feel like this is a constant whinge of every parent across the globe.

“Put that away.”

“Not at the table.”

“Let’s have a conversation.”

“Why don’t you all watch a movie together?” I suggest.

“There’s more to life than being on your phones. Talk to one another! You don’t know how lucky you are to have each other!” This is my constant whinge, which falls on deaf ears.

“Sure, Mom.” They say in unison, as they sit down and carry on with what they were doing.

Even our puppy, Ryan is looking a little lonely, poor tyke.

Simstagram: “Random selfie while having fun with the Fam!”
“Yes, very random. We’d rather you paid attention to us, child!” I think to myself.

“Have you seen this cute cat video?”
“Have you seen this awesome new mobile game?”
“Cool, bro!”

Finally, I look at Dad and, without skipping a beat, we both yell “GAME NIGHT!”

In a flash, the phones are put away and everyone rushes to the games room and selects the game they want to play.

The boys dash to the foosball table and play an energized and competitive game, the girls take things more calmly and decide on a game of cards and discuss the latest makeup trends, while Dad and I challenge one another to a game of darts.

“Ah! Now, isn’t this so much better than being on the phone, kids?”

“Let me post a picture of our family game night to Simstagram” I say to Dad.

“Mommmmmm!” They all laugh in unison!


Build is my own, called The Obeah House, created in January 2018. Inspired by a real house featured in #Arcfly. This was a labour of love. A majestic house for a large family that has every needed catered for. The outside view doesn’t do justice to this home built for my simself family. #MyBlendedSimselfFamily #Mansion #NoCC

29 thoughts on “Say “Cheese”!

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      1. This is so lovely, Mena! I sometimes feel ashamed to be in the generation who spend half their lives on their phones – I don’t take mine out when I’m socializing, though! I miss the days when my family had game nights!

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      2. It’s difficult to not become addicted to technology and social media even for me! But yes, the days of bonding over scrabble or monopoly are dearly missed… Thank you for your lovely comment.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course , the traditional name of the mod is noi autonomous cellphones something around 🙂 I use it because I was annoyed to see my sims everytimes on their cellphones instead of doing something else. You are welcome for the reading I hope taking part to a new monthly short story soon when I can.

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  1. Most of my siblings, parents and I still live close enough to each other to get together every Sunday. We will start off talking to each other, but eventually everyone will end up on their phones. It used to drive my mom nuts, but now she has grandchildren to distract her from what the kids are doing! (We did actually play a game this past Sunday… before getting on our phones while “watching” a movie.) Anyway, your story made me laugh thinking about how things really are today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww. I like how the parents recognize that the phone is useful sometimes, too. We have a favorite mobile game in our family, and at a restaurant, we’ll sometimes have a “tournament” to see who can get the highest score on the first level. ^-^

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